UGGs… for Tom Brady.

If you’re from New England, you love the Patriots and Tom Brady, this may be a bit of a shock for you…

New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, has agreed to showcase UGGs for men. Surprising? Maybe. Or is he just walking in the shoes of Giselle?

Brady claims he wants to “branch out into something different”. Brady compares his new experience to Bruce Willis and his Vodka brand. Vodka is a bit more understandable because it is known and accepted that both men and women drink it.

Men’s UGGs may be a little too different for New Englanders. But, little does anyone know that UGGs originated from Australian surfers, who are mostly men. After they surfed, they would put UGGs on in order to keep their feet warm. Why is this different? First, Americans think that UGGs are strictly for winter, when really that was not their purpose at all. Second, in America, it’s womens fashion.

We’ll see what Brady fans have to say when it hits the billboards.



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