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The Sound of the Rain

I absolutely LOVE the sound of the rain, especially when I’m trying to sleep. It’s so soothing and relaxing. It makes me sleep like a baby every time. And no, those Zen CD’s do not have the same effect as natural nature.

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The Only Meal Forever…

If I could eat only one thing to eat for the rest of my life, I’d definitely have to say Chicken Quesadilla with sour cream and lettuce on the side. I love the taste of them and they smell delicious, and they’re pretty healthy as well.

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I always give money for charities, especially when I’m at a food joint, like Dunkin Donuts, and they ask if I want to donate. I especially support Children’s Hospital, Boston.

My nephew was born there and was a patient there for four months due to being three months premature, along with some other internal issues. But now, he’s a thriving three year old little boy, and it was all because of Children’s hard work and determination to help cure him.

Donating is so great, and really great way to get involved in helping certain causes. I encourage everyone to donate!

Be a part of finding cures.


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